My name is Dani (on the right up there). I’m 24 years old and I love writing, photography, music and good vegan food. Welcome to plants and good vibes!

There’ll be rambles, rambling, lots of words, scratchy images (bad scans and disposables), lots of friends (my favourite), sonnets about music with bass and 808 kicks and wobbles and when the dance floor does that thing where it shakes, with one hand against the sub and lazers hitting timeless silver disco balls. Photos taken without looking through the viewfinder (the camera still has a viewfinder) held up over heads and aimed haphazardly at DJs. My time is spent between forests and clubs, time ticking down, counting days for festivals and pouring vodka into old evian bottles mixed with fizzy elderflower. Afternoons baking, afternoons walking, afternoons lying in bed, afternoons waiting for evenings, afternoons in the woods, mornings that are still going on from the day before. Eating entire bars of vegan chocolate for dinner and listening to garage in my PJs. Passionate about music (clearly, there'll be a lot about that), food (obviously, a lot about that, too), looking like a plonker (not passionate about, unavoidable), fresh bread and hummus (need to stop talking about food), feminism, good books, smelling books, my tiny ankle tattoo and a whole bunch of other stuff I guess you’ll find out from being here. Come say hi! :-)

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