Sunshine, Friends, Bristol

(Tom, Lauren and me - in my Lucy & Yaks!)

I'm really REALLY loving the fact there's been sunshine the past few days. It feels like spring is really here, and winter is finally behind us. I'm excited for warmer weather and doing some fun stuff this year. Speaking of fun stuff, my two friends from university Lauren and Tom, who I rarely see, were able to come up this week to spend a couple of days with me and explore Bristol. They're both teachers, and I'm a shift worker, and as it's the Easter break they were able to come up on a Weds + Thurs. Which wouldn't ever be problem in any case, because Bristol has got fun stuff happening any day of the week. 

We started with some food at Boston Tea Party and then some cocktails at The Florist, and then a vegan chocolate brownie at Mrs Potts mmmmm. Basically we had a very indulgent day. This was then followed with a stroll along the river, listening to some buskers, and generally enjoying the sunshine. 

In the evening, we went to Pepenero in Attic Bar / the Full Moon Backpackers Hostel pub in Stokes Croft and I had such a good vegan pizza:

It was the 12" 4 Stagioni, which had vegan cheese & vegan ham, mushrooms, artichokes and olives. It was SO good and I can't wait to go again and try another one of their vegan pizzas, as they had a good selection of different ones there. They also do 20" pizzas which must be masssssive, as this 12" one was pretty much too big for me to finish. Although, I already had eaten a lot in the day haha. 

The Thursday, today, was also spent exploring and enjoying the sunshine. We went to Stokes Croft again in the morning to eat at Cafe Kino, which has really, really good vegan breakfasts. Bristol actually has a lot of places that do amazing vegan breakfasts, but the sausage was especially nice here:

We had a little wander along the river down Wapping Wharf and looked at the old steam train and rails and boats and things, and then sadly they had to leave, continuing their fun Easter break onwards to Bath. I went and bought bananas, so not quite as exciting for me afterwards (although I do love bananas).

I've been here since November, and I still feel like a tourist. There's so much I still want to do, but a lot of change has happened in my life recently, and I've actually put my notice in at work with the intention of moving back home. I love Bristol, and there's so much to do here, so much good vegan food, and it's full of fun, but I miss my friends and loved ones back home. I wish I could have both, but sadly I'm going to be leaving this city. For now, I'm enjoying it a lot on my days off from work. 

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