Life update: December 2017

Good morning! I'm currently writing this post on a Sunday morning from the comfort of my bed back home, and can hear my dog snoring from the other room. Perfect Sunday! I thought I'd pop in to write a little post because I've been busy, busy, busy recently but the blog has always been in the back of my mind!

What have I been up to?

1. Got a new undercut for Halloween! 

A cobweb, thanks to the very steady hand of my barber. 

2. At the beginning of November I visited Prague with some friends, and it was a lot of fun. I don't really go on weekends away or travel that much (festivals are my summer holidays) so it was great visiting somewhere new, learning about a different culture, badly speaking Czech, discovering absinthe for the first (and last) time, hunting down good vegan food. We're toying with the idea of Budapest next year so hopefully that goes ahead.

Prague was very beautiful (as you can also see from the photo at the start of this post):

And here's some tasty avo on toast:

3. Lots of uni work! I'm currently doing my dissertation alongside an exam and essay due in Jan, so that's kept me busy. 

4. Another thing that's taken some time up recently but I'm really happy and still a little shocked about - I got a job! I visited Bristol for the first time for an interview for a job I really wanted when I finish my course in September next year, and I got offered it, so that's great! It was also a really fun weekend away. Which leads me on to...

5. I'm moving to Bristol! I don't know anyone who lives there and I've only been the once when I visited for the weekend for my interview, but it seems very "me" and I think I'll enjoy it there. I won't be moving until probably October 2018 but it's something to start thinking about! I also want to go travelling for a month or so in September 2018 before moving and starting my job, so I'll need to start thinking about that too.

An amazingggg vegan mac n cheese toastie at Vx in Bristol. Can't wait to gain a few pounds from this place becoming my regular, haha.

Lots of change, and most of it actually pretty positive! :-) Have a cosy Sunday. 

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