Bestival 2017

Bestival 2017 is sadly over and with it marks the last weekend festival of the summer. Last year was my first time going to Bestival, and because we had such a great time, my friends and I decided to go again. Here’s the recap!

What did I do at Bestival this year? I listened to some great, great techno (here’s looking at you Midland, where I spent almost 2 hours by myself in the Bollywood tent and heard Nous Sommes MMM which is one of my top five favourite techno tracks ever), I fell in the mud (A LOT. Got mud on my clothes, all over my tent – even on my face – and managed to get the nickname Bambi from my friends for my lack of coordination), went in a hot tub, ate a lot of falafel, had an amazing, amazing musical experience at DJ Shadow, sadly missed out on seeing Loyle Carner and Hackney Colliery Band as they were cancelled due to the weather, ate vegan vodka jelly shots, bumped into some of the cast of Kurupt FM at Jagerhaus, did hop hop yoga, enjoyed the festival with my lovely friends, enjoyed the festival with a lovely person I hadn’t seen in a month who I met at Boomtown this summer, lost my phone (as per usual for me at a festival, and thankfully it was only my £10 Nokia, but I’m looking at getting some sort of phone leash for the future!).

The site this year was on the Lulworth Estate in Dorset rather than the Isle of Wight, which had its pros and cons. I personally preferred the IOW site, but as the Dorset site is smaller it meant everything was a lot closer and easier to get to. The walk from the car park to the gate and then to the campsites was SO CLOSE it was actually crazy, and we camped in Emerald camping, opposite Slow Motion (where the relaxing activities are such as hot tubs, meditation and yoga, and a plant-based cafe called Milgi could be found). I couldn’t believe how short the queue was to get in, it literally took less than 5 minutes, which is a huge contrast to the 9 hours I queued for Boomtown this year haha. I always use pop up tents because I’m not good at putting up tents, so it wasn’t long before we were all getting set up and ready to start the weekend. I also met up with someone who I met at Boomtown this summer who was going to be camping with us, and helped him carry his tent from staff camping still fully set up to our campsite in the wind and rain, which was a fun little adventure!

The weather was a little bit hit and miss this year! I slipped over about 5 times in the mud on the Sunday, and for an hour or so the main arena was closed because the weather was so bad. The little amount of hay the Bestival team put down really helped, but I definitely think they should have done that sooner / all over the site so my clumsy, bambi legs didn’t slip and slide all over the place so much. The toilets were (as you’d expect) not so great either – last year the campsite portaloos were hosed down every day but that didn’t seem to happen this year! Since discovering compost toilets at Boomtown where you put in sawdust after going to the loo, I really realised how much I missed them haha.

Lots of mud!

Like at the IOW site, the Dorset site had Ambient Forest which is always my favourite, but sadly it was smaller at this site! Still – I had a lot of fun this weekend, and I’m really glad I went again. Here some more photos:

Me and Joy looking very glittery.

Giant happy Kanye!

I’m already scouting out what festivals to go to next summer, and I’ve got one day festival left of this year as I’m going to Brighton Boundary festival, and then I’ll be counting down the days til festie season starts again! Look out for some upcoming posts soon on who my favourite musical acts and discoveries were of this summer at Bestival and Boomtown, eating vegan at music festivals, and a guide on how to survive those festival blues in the tiring days following a festie, as well as the festivals I’m looking at for 2018.

Did you go to Bestival this year? If so – what did you think? 🙂

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  1. Ahah I went Bestival last year aswell! Was literally the muddiest experience I ever have but such good music, Temple was one of my fave stages for techno, sadly missed Midland tho :(