A 2k16 Christmas House Meal

Last night we had our Christmas house meal. It featured many Christmas jumpers, lots of Buck’s Fizz, Prosecco and mulled wine, a pitcher of gravy, me forgetting to cook my vegan substitute in lieu of chicken (I hadn’t forgotten to start drinking some christmas tipples), and a zimmer frame in secret santa.

The tree with its secret santa gifts beneath, and a christmas zimmer frame for the nana of the house (Joy). The Christmas tree also features some lovely passport photos of Mat and Jake, and a beautiful photo of my dog, Poppy, on the star.

In this above photo, Joy is trying to decorate the hole in our ceiling with some tinsel, I’m helping with sellotape and offering moral support whilst wearing my jingling elf slippers, Harrie and Georgina are creating the gingerbread house, and Jake is sampling the tortilla chips (probably with hummus. Everyone in our house are hummus gremlins, and rightly so.)

Gingerbread house creation!

Here is the final gingerbread house, which came out 10x better than I was expecting (after many of us recoiled in subtle horror when Harrie asked if we wanted to help her make it, with something along the lines of “No, I’ve tried to make one before and it’s the most stressful thing ever.”)

Nice bunch of people and a very nice evening.

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