Jaguar Skills @ XOYO, 26.11.16

Joy and Dani on the train

Me and Joy went to XOYO last night to see Jaguar Skills on his Ready to Rock tour. It was my first time seeing him and first time at XOYO, and it was such a good night! (Other than royally smashing up my iPhone screen, #oops). Jaguar Skills delivered a very fun and energetic set, and I’d definitely see him again in the future. It was funny how we ended up going to this gig, actually. A month or so ago I had intended to go, but as it got closer to the time didn’t think I really had the money to buy tickets, and wrote off going. And then last weekend I entered a competition on twitter to win tickets, thinking I was just trying my luck, and ended up winning them. Yay! You can see a tiny snippet from the set here:

I’m looking forward to February when I’m going back to XOYO to see Skream again on his Open To Close tour. It’s a nice, intimate size which are my favourite kind of clubs. I also appreciated the way this Christmas tree was decorated nearby which we passed on our way to the venue. Anyone know where I can get some giant eyeball baubles?

Eyeball christmas tree

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