Frosty Mornings

How cold has it gotten now? SO COLD. Yesterday morning was my favourite type of morning – I wasn’t on shift, and I could get a lie in, listening as the front door kept opening and shutting as my housemates went to shift, got back from night shifts, went to shifts. And then, lazily, I got out of bed, put on some music (one of my 100+ playlists on Spotify, maybe some Maribou State or Skream because hey, it’s never too early to wake up to some Skream), and picked up my camera, put my slippers on and a hat, and stepped outside. Sunshine + frosty mornings = perfect.

Frosty Leaf

I haven’t used my macro lens in a little while, but it’s one of my favourite types of photography. I have a real fascination in taking photos of plain, every day, little things and making them look beautiful. The camera and the sunshine does most of the work for me, but I think a lot of my interest stems from my photograph project back at A Level where I created a project on ‘elevating the status of the mundane’. E.g. taking photos of the grass, or some rubbish, making it look a little bit more interesting. So I take pictures of leaves, and blades of grass, and little flowers.

After that cold and happy start to the day, I had some rolled oats and fruit for breakfast, went to the gym, had a lukewarm shower (do not recommend), and went for a meal with some old friends. I then had some cocktails with my housemates, and came back to a kind of warm house. Nice days. Appreciating the days off when I have such long shifts at the moment. Finding little things to appreciate in the cold because it seems like it’s settled in (and here to stay).

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