Bestival 2016

This was my first time going to Bestival and it’s hands down my favourite festival I’ve ever been to. In the past, I’ve been to Reading in 2011, Leeds in 2014, and a handful of day festivals such as Wireless and South West Four. But Besti was the biggie that has ended up being my favourite experience in 2016 by far.

The way I’ve described it to a friend in comparing it to Reading/Leeds is like this – at Reading, you’re fighting for your survival. Camping in the mud, with the worst toilets ever (long drops – no thanks), hoping your tent doesn’t get set alight while you try and sleep, and there’s not really much to do outside of the main arena. At Bestival, you’ve still got the standard surviving on a few hours sleep and camping on hard ground, but you’re going a step above survival, and enjoying yourself a lot more too. There’s so much going on outside of the music, like DJs in the forest, tie-dying, performances, and we even had a go at Bollywood dancing one morning and we went in a hottub Saturday morning which meant I actually got a shower. I’m still amazed at that. Saturday night I remember getting back to camp and being amazed my hair smelt nice. Contrast to Leeds where when I got back I had to wash my hair four times to get the smell of burning camping chair out of it. Besti also has portaloos rather than long drops, less people shouting “Alan” and “Steve” every five minutes, and I managed to sleep even without earplugs, woohoooo.

The music – which, is what it’s really all about – at Bestival, is really suited to my tastes too. My favourite acts were Skream, who is a personal fave of mine, Odesza who I wandered to accidentally after leaving my friends at Major Lazer as I was hating it and ended up having one of my favourite experiences ever while watching them (honestly, Odesza were so, so good live), and surprisingly I loved Years & Years. The lead singer is really enigmatic & a lot of fun to watch. I loved being surprised by acts that I felt so-so about, and then being blown away by them.

Here are some snaps from the weekend (courtesy of Joy):

I distinctly remember the song that was playing in the above photo was Wile Out by DJ Zinc, classic.

Fan of the guy subtly photobombing in the background there.

Happy chappie.

Looking forward to Bestival 2017!

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